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Classroom Preview by Google


Teachers are working more on various parts apart from their teaching work. They have more responsibilities then other peoples. Taking care of classroom, preparing assignments for students, validating their results and much more. Recently Google has announced Previewing of Classroom for teachers to make their work easy and simple. It is a free tool that is provided for the Google ...

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Security Vulnerability on Gmail Account Reset

Gmail Hack

Gmail was one of the most advanced email provider all over the world. Oren Hafif, a security researcher found the vulnerability in Google password reset which provides the access to hack the Gmail account. He uses the spear phishing attack which makes the victim to access the link. This spear phishing attack allows the attacker to gather the personal information ...

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Facebook app security vulnerability in steal tokens

facebook security breach

Facebook app was one of the most famous apps used by millions of people all over the world. There are various types of vulnerabilities had occurred and solved. Now the security researcher from Egypt Mohamed Ramadan with Attack Secure has pinned two types of security vulnerabilities in Facebook messenger app which can allow the hackers to use the token generated ...

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Now share your Albums on Facebook

Facebook Shared albums

Facebook users are now allowed to share their albums with friends and families. This new feature was added on Monday to share photos called “Shared Albums” which helps you to share your vacation, party, wedding and much more important photos in albums. Now it is time to sharing photos by photos on Facebook, just share your albums with your friends ...

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Security Vulnerability on Network Enabled Samsung TV using DOS

Samsung PS50C7700 plasma TV

  Security Researcher Malik Mesellem who was specialized in IT Security audit and training from Belgium had proved that there is security vulnerability on Network Enabled Samsung TV using Denial of Service (DOS) attack, that helps the attacker to crash the device. A simple learning on LAN address of the TV will help the attacker to crash the device and ...

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