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Change your Smart Phone Camera to Web Camera Surveillance

A Company based on San Francisco developed an app that converts the smart phone camera to web camera. The Koozoo is a network that make users to use the network streaming smartphone cameras that can be accessed anywhere and anytime by any one. Broadcast the video to the users connected to the Koozoo network for free. This provides the accessing to any phone of the Koozoo users. From this app you can watch your home in live and watch what is going on outside world in live streaming. This becomes as one of the broadcast channel by your Smartphone but it is not the target. The Koozoo will be useful in sharing in public or semi private areas and it is not for camera everywhere.


At present, the company provides the free service but it future it changes to premium account said the CEO. This app mainly concentrates on older smart phone so that the user can fix anywhere and watch live streaming from anywhere using Koozoo. The privacy policy is little high said the company CEO.

But not sure whether this app will be supported by the government.

For More information about the app and to download click here