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Charge your Phone using Hot or Cold Drink

Today many phone apps are battery eaters. Now you can charge your phones using hot coffee or cold coke. The Epiphany Labs have invented a new power device onE Puck which is in the size of paper weight to charge your phone with the hot or cold drink. The heat or cold source is converted in to power which can fully charge your mobile phone.

onE Puck is light weight, portable in size and so it is easy to carry anywhere which allows us to stop search the power point to charge your mobile phone. We need water and food to survey and so power for mobile phone and this technology of energy conversion is long ago revealed and the ideas makes the way for new inversion in modern technologies.


The device produce an output of 5 Watts at maximum as same as required for mobile phones. The two sides of onE Puck is designed for both purpose which is normally used by all in our day to day life and now it’s time stop saying my mobile is out of charge.