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Charge your Smart Phone from Wrist Band


There are different types of charger is available may not be equal to the number of mobile models, but the charging types vary. Now you can charge your smart phone using wrist band which is provided by Wrist Charger Inc and the company is looking for fund through kickstarter.

Wrist Charger Colors

Now you no need wire charger to charger to Smartphone and to be open this is the first gadget for mobile charge in the form of wrist band. Jerry Castro, who was about 22 years of experience in the business field and for the past 12 years his dedication to the invention to many results the new idea of Wrist Charger. The wrist charger holds the one end to USB and the other end to the smart phone which can be used in iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and all Android phones. It is made of various colors which fit for the user according to the fashion and it is made up of Silicone.


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iPhone charger in wrist