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Chrome OS Password Free Screen Unlock


In this technology world, the storing and the remembering of password is one of the wired for the users to provide the authentication to get access and also it is needed for security and privacy. Most of the users are saving their password somewhere to get it in case they forgot it. This is really not good but it is needed of most of the users. Google users are in developing a new app that can unlock your screen with some reliable Bluetooth devices or may be USB devices and much more options which also holds the options for ring, watch, phone etc.


In this case there is also a security issue to be considered like what if the user leaves the device near the device or someone stole the authenticated device which provides the access to your device. But the developers provide some security parameters to avoid these issues and the patent were proposed on last month. This API provides the easy and secure way to access your device on Chrome Book. We have to wait for more update on this proposal which may result in new world of authentication.