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Claris Companion Tablet – Take Care of seniors

Today in this busy world most of us have no time to take care of seniors. We may miss to reminder our family seniors about their medicine and much more about their health. Now Claris Healthcare which is with the goal of connecting seniors with the loved ones they designed a tablet which helps you to take care of them even when you are in meeting or in some sort of busy schedule.

A new friendly tablet with most advanced integration with the mobile phone help you to be with them and take care of them. They had made this tablet with bamboo bezel on the cover layer and with built in speakers in front of the device and now you can schedule and make with more traditional. This tablet is of 10 inch in size and the some special video regarding the health, with big screen, big buttons, and audible sound which is good and with big text which will be easier for the senior to use it.

Claris Companion

It looks like a small device which is nicely decorated with the most of the best features like Email and text messages, photos sharing, events remainder, video chat, medical treatments, survey, call me, check in and the best with the exercise videos.

They are not alone when we are in office or in travel. We will be always in touch and makes to sound like that we are for them and we are here to take care of them. The video explains lot more.

What do you say about this new friendly tablet for seniors?