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Classroom Preview by Google

Teachers are working more on various parts apart from their teaching work. They have more responsibilities then other peoples. Taking care of classroom, preparing assignments for students, validating their results and much more. Recently Google has announced Previewing of Classroom for teachers to make their work easy and simple. It is a free tool that is provided for the Google Apps education suite.


Using Classroom tool, the teachers can able to create and collate assignments and this supports with Google Drive and Google Docs and mail which helps to perform the operation paperless and the results can be done in short interval period. It also provides communication with the class which helps the students and teachers for the comments and provides their feedback and questions that helps other team members to learn with an organized form of assignments. The benefits of the classes include easy setting up, time saving and for sure secure.

One with the Google Apps for Education account can login to the classroom for using the classroom tool. If not available you can ask the administrator to enable for the users to use it. What do you think about Classroom preview by Google?