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Control your World with a Ring – Nod

Wearable devices are the new trend for the future world. Most of the major companies are working on Gesture control devices to make life smart and simple. But Nod is same but not exactly since it provides more extra features and solutions more than which is already known. Nod Inc is a small company based in Mountain View, CA. Team of engineers , scientist, professionals, who have worked in most innovative places like Google, Amazon, Apple, NASA etc are team.

Nod_Device Nod_Device_Components

Nod Inc is funded by Atlantic Bridge, Menlo Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Walden-Riverwood. Nod has the power to transform your movements to commands to create magic in your life. You can control all your devices including your Smart TV, computer and other devices by simple Gesture. Nod was designed for the usage of daily activities for all types of users. the Nod Ring has the capability to enhance your life style. Nod will work on most of the technology like Android, Windows, LG, Hue, Nest, Apple and much more.

Nod has about 80 different components including two Powerful Processor CPU and a flexible circuitry which connected via Bluetooth. It is also water resist up to 5 ATM (169 feet) and it is available from S to XL size and it covers around 30 feet distance. Preorder is available now at $149. What is your idea about Nod?