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Crack iPhone Hotspot Password


Wifi Hotspot is one of the best features in mobile phones that help to connect to internet via WLan (Wireless LAN). The setting up your phone to be Hotspot that enables your other device to connect to Internet using wireless. While setting up the phone to be act as a hotspot, the password configuration is important that helps to avoid the unknown users to the network and it has the option to select the password to be automatically.

apple wifi hotspot

Recently researchers from the University of Erlangen in Germany had a new study about the iOS generated password for wifi hotspot which generates the password in specific formula and the hacker can hack it less than a minute. They found the passwords are made of combination with dictionary words and with some series random number which leads the Brute Force Attack vulnerability.

An iOS app that written in written in Apple’s Own Xcode programming environment is used to analyze the security keys that Apple generates.