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Crash Report from Crashlytics App for your Phone


Twitter has acquired Crashlytics in Jan 2013, which is one of the companies based on app diagnostics and crash analytics. Earlier over a year, Crashlytics had launched the app for iOS which detects the problem about the app crash for the developers which had helped them to solve the issue for their app before the release. Other than Twitter some of the major companies like PayPal, Kayak, Square, and Yelp etc use this app Crashlytics.



Today the company has released the app for Android phones. Crashlytics which sends the reports for crash and it helps to solve the issue in real-time and helps to figure the problem in the code. The reports according to analyze of the crash which will be boon for most of the developers to provide the perfect app. This app will work not only for the new version and it also supports the updated version says Crashlytics.

Crashlytics report

The features of this app are like On Device Exception Handling, Highest Fidelity Reports, Server side analytics and much more.  How do you feel about Crashlytics?