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Cryptolocker Malware is now spreading via USB devices

One of the nastiest malware was Cryptolocker which encrypts all your files and to decrypt the files some amount has to be paid which was spread via spam emails last month. Now the security researchers of Trend Micro have reported that the new variant of Cryptolocker is now capable of spreading via USB devices which is extremely not good.


WORM_ CRILOCK. A was the new version of cryptolocker which has the capability to spread via USB devices. This can be passed through the key generator of the software like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office etc through torrent websites said by the researchers.

Once the virus was deployed in your machine then it plays the game by encrypting all your files and locks your computer and request to pay for unlocking which means decrypting your files. The analyzed report by the security researchers on this malware says that the encryption used which is currently not possible to crack. The following are the recommendations from the security researchers to avoid infecting your machine with this virus is to avoid downloading P2P like torrents and also to be careful before plugging the USB devices in your machine.

Hope we will get some good news about removal of this virus in earlier. Stay Connected.