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Cryptolocker Ransomware and Protection Tools

Cryptolocker is the Trojan Horse Malware which is affected most number of users all over the world using windows operating system. The malware are spread through email spam with the attachment. Once it get activated, the malware encrypts your own file using RSA public-key cryptography using 2048 bits. After your file gets affected, the malware provides the option for the decryption on the payment through bit coin or prepaid voucher. They also provide the dead line for 72 hours for the decryption upon the payment. If not paid within 72 hours they also offering for the file decryption on more cost of the payment for your own data.



Security professionals provide the security measures like don’t open the attachment from the unknown emails that you received, make the restore point on your operating system, backup your files, update your system.


The following are the tools that help you to protect from this malware, which was recommended by the security researchers.


HitmanPro’s CryptoGuard which fights against Crypto Ransomware. This tool has new feature called CryptoGuard can monitors the suspicious activity on your files.

Hitman Pro CryptoLocker-Alert

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Bitdefender Anti-CryptoBlocker is also the tool that helps you block malware and prevent installation.