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Customer Details of Dominos Pizza was stolen

Hacker group by the name Rex Mundi claimed that they had hacked into Dominos Pizza server in Belgium and France. They were also downloaded the customer details of about 592,000 records in France and about 58,000 customer details from Belgium database. The customer details include username, password, address, phone number and delivery instructions are all included.

Domino pizza hacked

They also demanded ransom of about €30,000 to avoid public disclosure of customer details on internet. They also provided the deadline of 8 pm CEST or tonight for this deal. The other internet sources added that the group Rex Mundi also provided about the attack in Twitter and also they added that the group had informed to the Dominos Pizza via contact us page on the website and also send email to the authorized persons.

Dominos France requested users to change their password.

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