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Cyber attack on Living social


On Friday this week, Living social was in cyber attack. Living social is one of the second largest daily deal companies which were attacked and it has affected more than 50 million customers all over the world.  Living social is one of the best website that provides many discounted gift certificates. The company was founded as Hungry in 2007 by four employees from Revolution Health Group.

The company adds that the “unauthorized access to some customer data from our servers”. Now the website has asked their customers to change the password for the security concern. The company also added that the customer credit card information and merchant’s financial details were not affected.


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The information like name, email address, date of birth is also accessed in cyber attack. The company said to the customers that the combination of password with small and capital letters, numbers, special characters like “!” or “$” is to be added that makes the strong password. There was an attack in Evernote last month and this is now at Living Social.

Except Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines the information are safe since they are in different servers. The famous Amazon has 29 percent of the company.