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Dangerous hack on SIM Cards allows to use Victims Phone


The Black Hat Security conference which is planned in Las Vegas on July 31, Cryptographer from German named Karsten Nohl will present his discovery of the flaw on his three years of research work and with the testing on 1000 SIM cards based on DES – Digital Encryption Standard, old encryption standard. SIM Cards are the important needs that are in use about seven billion cards and most of the security transactions are through SIM Cards.

Sim card hack

It is found that the vulnerability is not all SIM cards but on some cards according to his testing the security flaw occurs. This vulnerability allows the hacker to use the SIM card to send premium SMS and which can also allow hackers to infect the SIM cards by planting the virus, call redirect and much more.

black hat security

Other internet resources Says that most of the carriers are working on the fix for this issue, according to Nohl that his method may allows the hackers to use the security data and use it. We are waiting for his presentation on the conference to update you more details.