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Dark web Vendor sells stolen Uber’s stolen account for $1

How about the travel for $1, yes it is possible. AlphaBay a new Dark web marketplace which is launched in late 2014 according to the internet resources, are selling stolen uber accounts for $1 was reported by Motherboard.


After purchasing of uber account in dark web marketplace, you can order your trip with the payment information is provided in the file. The other information like the trip history of the original account holder, last four digits of the credit card used along with the expiry date, email address, phone number and much more confidential information’s.

Motherboard received sample accounts of uber and also confirmed with some people on the list and the password is matching with the list and the user. Uber spokesman said in a statement that “We investigated and found no evidence of a breach” according to the internet resources. It also recommends its user to use strong username and passwords and also avoid reusing the same passwords for multiple websites.