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Dendroid – A new Android Malware Toolkit found by Symantec

Android users are increasing everyday and in parallel there is also increase in Malware. Today more cybercriminals are selling their Android Malware Toolkit in underground which proves in increasing of attacks and data theft which was previously estimated for the year 2014. Since Android was the major target, the crime raises which provides the way for attackers.

Dendroid AndroRat

RAT was the Java based which has the capability to run on different operating systems. Previously Symantec find out the malware AndroRat which is an Android Remote admin tool and also the first malware APK binder which is published in November 2012 and accessible to everyone. AndroRat has the capability to make calls, sms messages, GPS coordinates and much more functions can be used on the infected device.

Dendroid Malware

Now Dendroid was the recent one. Dendroid is a HTTP RAT which is transparent to the user which has the control panel and this provides to share the links to the author of the original AndroRAT apk binder. Internet forums says that Soccer is the official seller of Dendroid and it is also offering the 24/7 support on the payment of $300 through Bitcoin, Litecoin and the other features of Dendroid are

  • Delete Call Logs
  • Open web Pages
  • Open an application
  • Take and upload images
  • Call recordings
  • Change the Command and Control Server (c&c)

Norton Mobile Security was recommended to detect this threat on your mobile phones. Images are collected from various internet resources.