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Disney Mobile’s Toy Story 3

Toy story is one most popular movie. Temple Run is one among Disney which is popular. Now Disney brought a New Game for computers, iOS and Android Phones is Toy Story 3. This game becomes on the most popular games since it is in 3D physics puzzler. It provides to use the laws of Physics other than finishing the target which is the normal game mechanics.

According to Disney, there are two great ways to play this game. One is the Story Mode, in which no toys to left behind! Play buzz, run, and ride, fly from the favorite scenes of Toy Story 3. Second mode is said to be Toy Box Mode, this is for the players to use their own imagination in the open world to play. In this toy box, you can choose the other toys and make them to do what you want and as per your ideas like control over it. The more imagination and the creativity of the own story of the players provide the rewards.

There are also other missions with several missions and the rewards will be as gold and it includes your own customization. There are some other new toys to add your personalization and to add according to your imagination in your own world. Earning more points also leads you get more toys according to the game. There are many customization can be done in Toy Box Mode where you can add buildings, paints, textures, accessories etc according to your unique thoughts.


Play Game according to your imagination.