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Dont Loss your Freedom via Skype

I use Skype to Call. But do you know there is a Malware that come along with my Skype call.

Shylock is one of the banking Trojan discovered in 2011.The functionality of the malware is to steals online banking credentials and other financial information from infected computers. Shylock, named after a character from Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”.

Followers : CSIS Security Group found that the malware injection to skype is via plugin name msg.gsm which is responsible to transfer file, clear contents, information forwarding, it also moves like bacteria via sharing. Hackers using this type of injection can able to access cookies, upload files and can do more than that. Shylock locked most of Europe and UK.

So Friends please check for plugin while updating Skype. Hope I am not one of them.

Say Stop to Malware say yes to Sharing.Shylock