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Dragon – your new hands Free Assistant


Everyone needs some assistant since you need to be faster and it should accurate. Now there is a mobile app that helps you for you to do your work and support you to be in faster. The app with voice assistant which helps you in easy work while eating or doing some other work in office or home.

Dragon doesn’t come with no formal commands or some memory requirements it works according your voice and your commands on your own. You can find what you want like places, your friends’ location and much more. Just talk to this app and find your needs faster.

The features are included with this app are

  •  Share your location
  •  Read incoming message in loud and also reply to it
  •  Finding the friends where you are
  •  Update Facebook or twitter – send out a tweet, what is new app”
  •  Find out the restaurants and other places
  •  Make reservations
  •  Check the weather
  •  Opening applications
  •  Chat with your friends

dragon 2

And much more features are available with this app.

You can download this app in Google Play and it will available shortly with Apple store.