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Easy and secure encryption on sharing files – Minilock

Do you think all your files that you upload online are safe and secure? There are various websites that helps you to share your files with friends and families online and some also share important files online. Securing those files is must need and it should be easy for the end user. Google chrome is offering a simple encryption option for the user using Google chrome Browser Extension Minilock.

minilock encryption

Minilock is portable file encryption software that helps the user to encrypt the files while uploading online. It design includes the combination of user email address with the user memorized passphrase can complete secure your files. Elliptic Curve Cryptography especially curve25519 is used in this software to generate both public and private keys which are very small when compared to the existing security measures. The key size that is provided by Curve25519 is very small which provides the negligible increase in file size while encrypting the files that need to share which is most needed for the today’s technology. Minilock provide both public and private keys where as Minilock IDs is referred to minilock public keys. To add your Minilock to Google Chrome Click here.

Minilock chrome extension

Minilock is focused on simple, portable, secure, small size and most usable as possible. This is the most importa
nt tool for the end users to share the files with security. Do you think it provides safe and secure for your files? Add your comments.