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End to End Encryption by Google for more security

Security is the main concern on all fields. In internet the priority stands high since most of the confidential information’s today are shared via email and other online tools. There are various types of encryption tools available according the software build.


Google is one of the top most concern providing continues updates which proves that they enhancing security to make sure our data safe. Gmail supports HTTPS type of encryption when you check your email and also while sending and receiving emails. Now Google provides End to End encryption which means the data will be encrypted till the receiver decrypts the data and vice versa via browser access. PGP and GnuPG are also the other tools over internet and End to End Encryption is a bit of encryption tool. The code for the chrome extension that supports OpenPGP which is already exists over internet for security.

End to End encryption is not available in online as of now whereas they shared the code via community to check security on the developer end. This provides the developers to find the security hole with the tool which is available via Vulnerability Reward Program to provide more security for the tool. Once the security check finished it will available for the users for more security. What do you think about it?