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Familio – Share your Photo and Video in Private

There is personal in everyone. We need to share our some of personal photos and videos with families. Today there is more social network to share but not in particular. Now there is an option to Share with Familio which is private for safe and secure sharing with families.

When you like to share something then you should know whom you have shared and to be private. Familio does not depends on the size of the family you can share your photos and videos with all of families and only with them. Familio says that it knows that the family is the one with some security and not like Groups, nor like circle. It says it is not like fans or followers. The family has the history, present and some unforgettable moments that can have only with the family and not with anyone.


Family has been formed, they grow, they evolve and sometimes there may a chance to split. Familio says that it think for the entire situation that happens within the family and with their relationship. There are 3 underlying principles called Intimacy, Transparency and Trust which applies for such interaction say Familio.


Memories which will be long within the Family creates the history and with share  many moments with your Families with safe and secure.