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Fatdoor – Free neighborhood Social Network


Fatdoor is software that allows your neighbors to connect locally with safe and secure communication, sharing resources and much more. Fatdoor can be used in most of the forms like notify nearby peoples about an incident or sharing information like rent a room, house and more about things you liked surrounding your location. Today sharing is the best part and information sharing helps the people to find their needs and save time. Fatdoor helps you to do that.

Fatdoor broadcase

Fatdoor neighbor

Fatdoor is also into also technology resources. Fatdoor is first to implement Worlds first internet enabled Quadcopter. Actually Quadcopter is also called a quadrotor helicopter, quadrotor which is famous for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) which is used for communicate altitude and position of the web using 3G technology which can be controlled by android device or iPhone device. The project was started funding through Kickstarter and this wifi enabled quadcopter skyteboard can communicate with the neighbor and help you to provide amazing activities like mirroring each flights and record events on multiple angles.

To download Fatdoor app for Android Device click here for Apple device click here.