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Fin – Smart Ring as an Interface

In this technology world, everyday there was an update to the technology and the devices with most advanced features. Google Glass, Pebble Watches and much more wearable devices for the easiest interface for the technology to control the other devices. In this list now comes the Smart Ring, Fin which has the capability to connect the other devices via Bluetooth. Simple swipe and other shortcuts that helps the user to control other devices like smart phones, smart TVs and other devices that can be connected via Bluetooth.

Fin Specification


RHL vision technologies had worked on about two years for the finest product Fin – Smart Ring as an interface to connect other devices. RHLvison was established in 2012 by Rohildev and his team was working on the Robotic Human Logic for the touch less and wearable devices that makes the digital life easier and closer to your digital world. To know more about the device features and technologies click here

What do you support for Glass, Watch and now with Ring?