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Find out who viewed your Facebook Profile

Everyone on Facebook likes to find who see your profile and who are tracking you. It is common to all and there are more ways to find out who checked your profile. The following is one of the simple steps to find who viewed profile and how many times they had viewed your profile.

Facebook Logo

Step 1: Login to your Facebook and go to your profile

Step 2: Press ctrl + u on the profile you can find the source code on new window

Step 3: Press ctrl + f on the source code window, you find the search window type “list” and search for it.

You can see the list like “463426710377295-2” and much more like this. Initially when the Facebook was launched every id was assigned with the code like above. In that list 463426710377295 for the id and last digit 2 is about the number of views.

Step 4: Now go to the browser www.facebook.com / and then type for the code to view the profile who viewed your profile.

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