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Find your Android Phone using Android Device Manager

Now a day’s finding the lost phone is more important need today for most of the users. The important documents and files are used in phone and make secure it to be the most important need for all mobile users. For Apple iPhone “Find my phone is most used app to find the lost phones. The other best feature of it is remote memory wiping which helps the user to save most and valuable data on their phone even it goes to the wrong hand.

find lost phones

Now and now Google is to release for android phones. It helps the user the find the missed phone or stolen device using map and also has the same feature remote wiping as in iOS devices. This Android Device Manager will be supportive for Android 2.2 and later on devices. To use this feature the user has to sign up for a Google account to manage it. This helps the android users to save their personal documents and most of the android users are happy since they have been requesting for this kind app for a long time to save their data and also to find their lost phones.

Hope this app will be available by the end of this month. Keep watch for further more updates.