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Find your Lost or Stolen Laptop or Computer


Now it is easy to find your stolen computers with three steps. Yes, Dropbox a cloud storage that allows you sync your files can help you to find your stolen device. The following are the step that will help you to find on your own with.laptop1

Step 1:  Signup for a free account and install it in your machine and use the cloud storage. You can also    install the app in your phone and iPad to get the data sync.

Step 2: To Test, leave your laptop with your friends or family members.

Step 3: Login into your Dropbox web account and then go to settings and use the security option for the devices that linked to your account. From there you can check the IP address and it will help you find your stolen devices since Dropbox will sync regularly.




This is an easy and extraordinary thinking about the cloud storage which helps all the users both in storage and functionality. Share your ideas by comments.