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Flexible iWatch

A new rumor is about the Apple filled patent   “wearable accessory device” that includes a flexible screen device that can wear on wrist may answer for the recent iWatch rumors.

The other sources say, “A sensor for detecting a change state between the flat state and curled state of the bi staple spring substrate”.

Just see your world from your wrist. In earlier days bracelet was one of the most attracted jewel. The concept will be added new technology according to me. May the sync between the bracelets, Phone will be the most advanced technology. The communication between the devices may be via Bluetooth, WiFi etc., which is not sure. The information provided above is the collection from various sources just to share.

All we  have is to wait for the new gadget information to be revealed. The following are some of the images from the internet how the concept iWatch may  look like?

iWatch_conceptiWatchiWatch graphic

What do you think about this Flexible iWatch?