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Fun with Google – Enjoy and make you mind Refresh

We are using Google every minute. Google which gives knowledge and shares information from each and every world. The following are some of the fun from Google. Enjoy when you are free.

1. Google Gravity

Type Google Gravity and select and I’m feeling lucky.

Google Gravity1
Just enjoy with the scattered words.

2. Type recursion in search bar and Google will ask you did you mean recursion which is funny.

Google Recursion



3. Type elgoog.im in address bar and enjoy the reverse world.

Google Mirror


4. Type Zerg Rush in your Google Search bar and fire all zero.

Google - Zerg Rush


5. Go to translate.google.com and select English and the paste the following letters continuously and check for the audio “pv zk bschk zk kkkkkkk

Google- Translate

6. Goto www.funny-google.com and type your name and see the result.

Google- Funny

7. Goto www.google.com/mentalplex and check for the result. It is just to make fool which is created for April Fool


8. Goto to Google Earth and select tools – > Enter Fight simulator and be a pilot

Google - Flight


Hope you Enjoy it. Do you like this? for more information’s.