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Gboard – New keyboard App for iPhone from Google

There are various apps are available in the market which is an example for the growth of technology and in our day today life the apps are increasing to make the user efficient and effective. Major companies are provided the users expected solution that helps to use their devices in easy and smart. On the pipe, Google had announced the new app for the iPhone users to search and share easily.

Gboard emoji Gboard search Gboard Share

Today there is a tremendous growth in mobile devices that helps to search their needs in hands and share their ideas, thoughts, feelings and much more with friends and families. Sharing emoji’s, information’s, pictures etc. Gboard helps the iPhone users to search for the emoji’s, weather forecasts, nearby places they needed, news and much more. There is no much difference in the keyboard, a simple and small ‘G’ on the top left of the keyboard helps you to search internet in one finger which is really a smart idea. As per the privacy policy, it is noted that the Gboard will keep private information’s as private.

Gboard emoji

When the users search for the information needed, the Google web server will be connected and the requested query will be processed and sends the result for you. It is also added that Gboard will remember the words for spelling help or for the prediction and those data will be stored in your device which will not be accessed by Google.

You can download the Gboard app from Apple App store.