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Get your Media files from your computer into your iDevice


Now you can access your media files on hard drive in your computer from devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. The sharing of files is most important need for everyone to get access easily, safe and secure. Moreover the instant access is the primary need.

Quik.io is one which offers to stream your files into iDevice instantly. Michael Chen, CEO and founder of Quik.io who was worked earlier with Cisco System had come up the idea and Xumin Wu was the co-founder. The power of the source has leaded the way to the instant access. This doesn’t depend on the video file format since it has the ability to convert the video files accordingly. Now you can stream your media files from hard drive to iDevice. Streaming is possible, since uploading of files takes the maximum duration where the streaming plays considered the best feature of this quik.io

QuikIO - on your computerQuikIO - panel view

The following explains about the working quik.io. Now it is easy to stream your media files.

Is this satisfying your streaming problem?