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Google and Sidewalk for Life Improvement

Today Google CEO Larry Page had added a new core for the improvement of city life with a new company Sidewalk Labs announced in a post in Google+. The aim of the new company is to improve the life of people in cities using technology to solve urban problems, which is an amazing thought of creation for the improvement of people. The company is to estimate about the population growth, existing socioeconomic, public health and also about the change in environmental conditions which is really needed for the future and it is a good consideration of future needs.

sidewalk labs

Dan Doctoroff, who is the former CEO of Bloomberg and Deputy Mayor of Economic Development and Rebuilding for the City of New York will led the company and the development process. Sidewalk Labs will help in the future needs and future growth of the consideration of the people with the technology. Keep following for more information about Sidewalk Labs and other technology news.