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Google Buzz to Google Drive


Google Buzz a Social Network Blog which was launched on February 2009 and it came to end by 2011. The service which is internally called as “Taco Town” and it is same as Twitter which allows you to share in private and public. Google Announced that it will discontinue and available in read only mode earlier and now Google has announced that the data and all other stuff in Google Buzz will be stored in Google Drive on or after July 17.

Google Buzz logo

Most of the users where using Buzz, but hope Google needs everything under Google +. Now you can share your photos, videos and other stuff using Google + where you can feel that the name changes from buzz to plus. You can also take your back up from Google Buzz by the tool using Google Takeout.

Google Buzz

Step 1: Login to Google Takeout

Step 2: Choose your service and then select Google Buzz

Step 3: Calculate your files and create an archive and then download the files

Your files will be still in drive and you can share it and if you photos will be still in Picasa and other remain the same.

What is your idea about Google Buzz to Google Drive?