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Google Fiber – an Internet Service Provider

Google has reached all over the world and there is no one without it. And now they started their Google Fiber – which provides 100 times faster than today’s internet speed which is a fiber optic connection. It started its first step in Kansas, MO. There are 1000 communities applied for the first technology is now ready to go. The infrastructure was completed in July 2012 which announced the pricing for it.

This provides various plans for the internet pricing which is faster and attractive. These also include the television service and record DVD simultaneously. In the television option, Nexus 7 will be act as a remote control for it.


Google fiber


Google says it provides 1 gigabit per second which is 100 times faster than the present internet speed. This provides immediate video loading, gaming and much more. Now there don’t wait for your video to buffer since we have the new technology. It provides super fast connectivity. All in one with high speed which makes the Kansas to step ahead. The wifi provides with 802.11a/b/g/n including 3×3 MIMO antennas and dual concurrent radios which covers all over the home and provides connected ever. Tera byte storage on the cloud allows you to store your files and access from various locations and there are much more with Google Fiber.

Now it is sign to sign up if you have not done yet