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Google + for Android replaces Google Latitude


Google Latitude is one of the best of Google app which helps to find the location. This Google Latitude app allows you to find the location of the certain people using Google Account on their cell phones. The user can allow certain access for the particular people to view the location. “Location History” was the new feature added on November 2009 and by the end of April 2010 Google also released the API to make use of latitude data.

Google+ for Android

On July 10 2013, Google announced the shut down program for Google Latitude and the last date for the expiry of Google Latitude is on August 9, 2013. The feature of friend list and all the data on Google Latitude will be deleted on its expiry. To make the use of this Google has also announced Google + for  Android which helps to use the location sharing will may be similar to Google Latitude and the use can replace Google Latitude using Google + for Android as the 42 feature. The version for iOS will be coming soon according Google. Hope the new app will be useful.

Are you going to Miss Google Latitude?