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Google Glass Vs Telepathy One


Google Glass has now had the competition with Telepathy One which is the one of the wearable computing device developed by Takahito Iguchi and his Team. Google glass is now available for few members where as the Telepathy one becomes the cheapest gadget and also the alternative for Google Glass. This Telepathy one has the built in camera, a projection screen and a sleek. The prototypes were explained by Takahito lguchi and his team in New York and the press conference.

Telepathy One has some of more scientific when compared to Google Glass. The device has the optically projected screen in front of the wearer of the device. Streaming videos, taking photo can all be done by this wearable device. This device is built with Magna camera app which is one of the best app in Japan for Camera. These are controlled by app via cell phone. You can also share via with the other wearable and the specific app user. This device can also create the cartoon picture of the people.

This Telepathy team is formed in January 2013 and hope the release of the device can be expected by the Christmas of this year. Hope it might be cheaper when compared to Google Glass.