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Google Map Maker is coming back

Google map maker is one of the major tool used by most of the people and due to some changes in the system it is temporarily unavailable for the system pause. Today Pavithra Kanakarajan, Product Manager, Google Map Maker had announced that the Map Maker will be back online by the early of august via post.

Google Map Maker

Google Map review was the biggest problem which provides the long queue for the Map Marking approval process. But now, the approval process is changed and modified. The approval or deny is done by Google employees before shutdown, whereas the new approval process is done by outsiders based on their region. According to the blog, the process will be initially started by choosing the person in particular region, providing the role as “Regional Lead” which will be sent by Google as an invitation.

The company decided this new process, since users are reliable, fast and well intentioned and also the users help to identify most of the significant issues. The Regional Lead has to review the submission and can approve or deny according to the system developed by Google. It is also added that Google employee will review the process occasionally. Finally the wait will end soon and the Map maker will be available shortly.

What do you think about the Google Map Maker and Regional Lead?