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Google Now is released successfully for iOS

Google Now a personal virtual assistant which is available for Google Android phones is now available for Apple iOS. Google is one the world’s best search engine which helps to find the answers for our questions. Google Now which gets you the right information in right time and you can use it through voice control which is a more and most advantage. Now it is easy to search for the restaurants and other places according to your location.

Google now

You can check for the weather and traffic location and much more which is first included in Android 4.1 or jelly bean. And now it has released for Apple iOS and iPad version. Google now 3.0.0 has more features like sports update, new update. Just use and find it out and I am sure that it is really amazing.

Google now will be helpful in most of the search options like travel, traffic, public alert, restaurants, packet tracing, places and much more help. Google Now will help you to make decisions according to your needs and provide suggestions as your friend and as a virtual assistant.

You can download Google Now for Android and Apple here.