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Google says No more accidental download

Security in visiting the website is also become more important. Most of the users who are not aware of ads had result in download of more ad downloads which is also harmful to their computers. Google had recently announced that the website which provides unwanted downloads will alert the users in the red privacy in altering the users that the site you are trying to reach contains harmful programs which helps most of the non-technical internet users to aware of accidental downloads. Providing security to the browsing is the important need and also the user should be aware of any security constraint on visiting the website. On providing those information, the user can provide their privacy and also the security of their information.

Google Stops accidental downloads

The expanded effort by Google is really awesome and into the consideration of security for the internet users provides the major support for the users including the identification of cyber threats. Already chrome provides the pop up for the unwanted downloads but the new changes provides the user safe browsing which is most important need for internet surfers.  With this new changes, the identification of harmful site and the Google search will signal and identify the deceptive sites and the ads that forward to the harmful websites will be disabled.

The website owner can use Google Webmaster Tools, to get the notification about their website status and keep informed you when there is any unwanted downloads from your website and also provides the helpful resources in case of  any issues.

What do you think about the accidental downloads? Share your ideas.