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Google Step into Internet Protection – Project Zero

Today security is one of the most important considerations in the internet world. Most of the security researchers are working on various security issues that harm the users and steal their secrets. Google is now step into protect the Internet. Project Zero which is publicly revealed by Google in its blog. The aim of this team Project Zero is to protect the users from internet security issues, finding bugs and much more. Project Zero team will work to make the internet safe for all users.


Google is hiring for the security researchers who really love to do what they do. Google plan to do this transparently and the team will be filing to the external database. The bug which was found will be informed only to the corresponding software vendor and once their team released the patch or update for their product the information will be revealed publicly which provides the security for the internet users. The plan the team not to be particular but they will be working on overall which is on the focusing on improvement of security over internet.

This was much need for the internet users who were not aware on any security issues and the company also extended the reward initiatives and also the bug bounty which helps the team to focus on the Zero day vulnerabilities to avoid going to the criminals or other hackers. Most of the users and security researchers are happy about this Google’s Project Zero. What do you think about it?