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Hacker Arrested by RCMP for exploiting HeartBleed Bug

Heartbleed was one of the major security vulnerability in openSSL cryptographic software library that allows the attacker to access the private or protected information. The heartbleed bug allows anyone to read the memory of the system which opens the security for the attacker. The usernames, passwords, instant messages, VPNs can steal from without any trace using this bug. Fixed OpenSSL was available now for the users to secure the network from the attacker.


Adam Langley and Bodo Moeller of Google write the code to fix the bug. Most of the major website was affected. Recently a 19 year old Computer Engineer, Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes of London was arrested by RCMP for stealing information about the tax payers from Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). The agency has extended the date for clients and shutdown the site for temporary to avoid further attacks announced.

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