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How to bypass Apple IOS 7 Lock Screen


Recently Apple has launched IOS 7 with new updates and features. After the launched of 48 hours of IOS7, Jose Rodriguez from Spanish island of Tenerife who is 36 years old and a iPhone user provides the way to bypass the lock screen in Apple IOS 7.


IOS 7 lock screen bypass


Since it is Beta version Bug and security flaw is common” says some of the users. But Apple IOS 6.1.2 has the security flaw with the lock screen and it is new release 6.1.3 version has the update to fix the flaw. The below video can explain you about the bypass of Apple IOS 7 beta version lock screen.

Forbes had update about the bypass by using calculator in iPhone. The opening of phone’s calculator before opening the phone’s camera can grant access to email, photos, tweet without using the pass code for accessing.

Now the Apple IOS 7 beta will be available for developers at the cost of $99 a year through Apple’s website says the resources.