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How to find my lost iPhone or iPad?

Recently I have a lost my iPhone. How can I find it? Search everywhere. If I miss the iPhone somewhere not in home then how can I find it? There is a solution and I used it to find my iPhone. Hope this will helps you.

This can be happened to you. So please follow the steps to find your lost iPhone

Find my iPad or find my iPhone is the app that helps you to find your lost iPhone or iPad device.

Open iCloud and login with the email account in it. iCloud is the necessary needed email account for the app to figure out the location of your device.

Search for the device after your login. It searches with the account that you have added to iPhone or iPad. It will search for the devices using GPS. After searching if you see the location is in your house you can send alert sound to your iPhone or iPad. To do this you have choose devices and then your iPhone or iPad and then play sound. Then two minutes the alarm will be played in iPhone or iPad which gives you time to search for the device in your house.

What to do if the device is lost? You can select the lost mode device on the login page in iCloud. When you set to lost mode, it needs a message and phone number. Choose the message and add the phone number that you are available so that someone may call you and inform about your lost iPad.

If no call then there is no option to get it back. But the data or information that you have stored in iPhone or iPad should be secured. For that we can use the final option to wipe the memory or data in remote. Erase iPad is the command that makes you delete all the information after the conformation. Now you cannot find the device.

If remotely wipe down and find it later option is selected, the data will be erased and later you can find the device using this app. If the backup option is selected the erased data can be restored after finding it from the cloud.



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