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How to hack a Car using a Laptop


Hacking a computer is known to all, but hacking a car is really hard and this is hard for the person to believe. Two Hackers from U.S. explained about the hacking of a car using a laptop to Forbes.  Charlie Miller who is a Security Engineer in Twitter and the other person Chris Valasek, the Director of Security Intelligence at IOActive had explained about hacking a car using laptop which allows the control of Dashboard, steering and brakes of car to the hacker control.

This is possible for the malicious hackers to physically hijack the car by connecting to the car OBD (On Board Diagnostic System) with a laptop to hack and take the controls by simply passing a trigger. This may result in major or minor accidents which is really hard in the real world. The following video was the explanation id hacking a car using a laptop.


What do you think about this hack a car using a laptop?