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How to scan from your Smartphone?

Now a day, internet usage is mostly done by Smart Phone. In a short while, smart phones will replace the laptop users.  Everything is in your hands, but when we try to scan a document when have to search for computer or laptop. The scanner is also high in cost.

How to solve it? Scandock gives you a way to scan the document from smart phones. Scandock is portable and it is easy to use when compared to present scanner. The quality of the image will also be high in professional when compared to present scanner. The resolution makes the high difference between scandock and other scanners. BookDrive Digitalization machines are used to launch scandock. Scandock is the hardware and software to satify the user with color calibration, color rending index are taken as the primary development by the developers.

The price of the scandock is little high when compared to present market price. Scandock is available with as iPhone docks and universal docks. iPhone docks supports from iPhone 4 and iPod touch(5 Gen) andthe un  iversal docks supports other Android including Samsung Galaxy.