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How to Unlock Smartphone PIN code


All the Smartphone user uses PIN to lock their phone. It is a combination of four digit numbers. To crack the code is not easy since it has about 10000 combinations. Justin Engler, who was a senior security engineer, had invented a robot named R2B2 – Robotic Reconfigurable Button Basher which helps to unlock the PIN code of smart phones.

pin unlock

The Robot needs no rest, no food and it just works. The below video describes how the robot works and it is estimated that it can unlock the PIN in 20 hours. With this new 3D printed robot there will not be in need of cracking application to unlock the smart phone.


This is open source which is very cheap since it is made of electronics in low cost. It seems that Justin Engler will be release all his blue prints shortly. This was new and it uses Brute-Force attack and with the help of soft touch in the 3D printed will be easy and the security measures are easy. Keep looking for the update to you.