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How to use Google Search without Internet?

Do you think is it possible. To be open, unfortunately yes. This is the option provided by Google in case of Emergency.(ICE)

When you need to get some information that you don’t know you just search in Google and find your answers. To use Google services Internet connection is needed. But now, we can use Google Service without internet connection.

Let us take an example that you need a Taxi, you don’t know the number and also no internet connection in your mobile. What to do? You have a way. Think where there is a will there is a way. At this point, you can send a SMS as Taxi to 9773300000. When you do that you will get the list Taxi providers contact details via SMS. Choose the provider and make a call.

Wow great you got the Taxi. Enjoy the Journey.Google

Google provides some option to use when you have no more further steps to be taken even without internet connection. Google is our Friend for all time.