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Infer – Open Source to find Bugs by Facebook

Finding bugs in the code is really a hard task for the testing department since they need to check each and every part of the code. A simple mistake can provide access to the intruders, memory dump, application crash etc. Today Facebook announced that the Facebook Infer – Tool that helps to identify the bugs in mobile code before it is shipped had become open sourced.

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Developer can use this tool to check the bugs automatically in Android and iOS apps. Infer is developed based on the concept “Separation Logic” which facilitates the reasoning about pointer data structures, transfer of ownership, modular reasoning etc. as of now, since Infer is open source, users and developers can download their source and learn more about it. Facebook use Infer internally in Main Facebook apps, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and much more. The analyzer runs automatically and noted the issues and the fix rate is calculated about 80 percent which is a high rated automated tool and this is now open source which helps the developers to build the apps efficiently and effectively.

To learn more about Facebook Infer click here.