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Install Windows 8 Step by Step Method

To install Windows 8 create a bootable Disk from the downloaded ISO using some softwares like Free ISO buster, Magis ISO, Power ISO etc.

After creating the bootable disk, insert the disk and start you computer via cd/dvd in bios or you can also create the ISO to the bootable usb device for installing from usb media by setting up in bios.

Here I am installing Windows 8 on VMware for using the free edition to test, To install Windows 8 on VMware, Create a new virtual machine from the VMware

then choose Typical option in the New virtual machine wizard.

then select the source path, i.e., the ISO file that you have downloaded as Installer Disc image or if you are using the optical disc choose the installation media according your source.

Choose the operating system as Windows 7 since windows 8 accepts Windows 7. Here we are using 32 bit for the installation so we have choose windows 7 which is 32 bit. If you have downloaded windows 64 bit, choose Windows 7 64 for the installation. Sometimes VMware results in error for window 8 in windows 7. In this case use the operating system as other and the version as other either 32 bit or 64 bit according to your source file.

Vm 4

Next step is for providing the Product Key. This key will be in your email that you have used for downloading windows 8 from the login page. Then choose the username that you needed to be created followed by the password authentication.

Vm 5


Next step, is for the Name and location of the virtual machine to be installed. Choose the location where your have more space in the hard disk which will be efficient in the installation part of windows 8.

Vm 6

Then for the virtual files to be created. You can choose either single or multiple, but as a techie choose single file which will help to move and import to any virtual machine to use without installation.

Vm 7

Then Choose the Customizing Hardware before finishing by which you can select the processor. I am selecting the number of processor as 2 and number of core processor as 2 for the fast accessing of windows 8 in your VMware. Refer below image for your verification

At very next step the installation of windows 8 begins. After loading installation media, the setup for Windows 8 needs the language and the time and input language for the further process and then the files will be copied, after coping the features it moves to the personalization.

Windows 8 -1

One of the major part of Windows 8 is the personalization and customization which attracts the users ,

Windows 8 -3

And then for the customization, here we are using Express settings which is the default settings for installation or you can also choose customize which help you in update, error report and all other customizing features of Windows 8.

Windows 8 -4

Then we have choose the user name according the user or administrator identification and then the login page. There are two option for login, you can choose local account or Microsoft email account. If you want to login to the machine via Microsoft account type the email id or by choosing local account, it allows you to create the local login information with the password creation.

Windows 8 -5

Finally the settings are configured and the installation is done,

Windows 8 -6

Congrats you have successfully installed Windows 8 in your machine. Welcome New Touch world.